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Stylish, durable, and comfortable shoes are a worthy addition to every wardrobe. But despite the variety of shoes available, it’s sometimes hard to find shoes that make your feet look and feel good.

Now, discerning shoe lovers can find custom shoes handcrafted using kimono or obo belt fabric. Each one-of-a-kind creation promotes a healthier body by providing optimal comfort and support.

Kimono is a high-quality, traditional wardrobe piece that features beautiful Japanese flowers and birds, harmonizing style and sophistication into a distinct product offering, unlike any others.

Japanese kimonos and obi belts are pure silk with beautiful images that make each design unique.

This level of dedication to high-quality is the heart of each pair of Xesole sneakers.

Xesole follows very stringent product sourcing, design, and production processes to ensure a best-in-class finished product.

The Xesole Manufacturing Process

Much of the preparation process is creating wooden molds in the shape of the foot. Patterns then get added for mass production. Every Xesole shoe has 108 pieces, stitched with a sewing machine. Desired 2D and 3D shapes get created by gently hammering them into shape.

This workflow process starts with cutting and shaping.

The craftsman keenly observes the beautiful designs in the luxurious fabric pattern and cuts them skillfully, removing fraying and scratches. When creating custom-made, each pair gets cut with a tedachi knife. Dye gets used for mass production runs.

The next step is sewing and stitching the “Seiko” or the outer shell, tailoring the leather and materials flawlessly to create footwear with comfortable uppers, meticulous styling, and durability.

Afterward, a two-dimensional upper gets formed in three dimensions, and the leather gets attached to the sole.

Custom shoes get hand-finished by a craftsman, a pair at a time. They push the upper into a wooden pattern. The perforations they leave are proof of high-class shoes. The material gets pulled with a tool called a “crocodile.” Hitting it with a hammer blends the material into the wooden pattern creating a three-dimensional shape.

After these processes get completed and shape s formed, the sole is attached by crimping and cementing it together, hammering it into position, and set in a clamping machine to finish.

Xesole revitalizes traditional Japanese craftsmanship with modern products featuring contemporary design elements. This custom footwear integrates the storied past with the next generation, reshaping fashion and trends for the 21st century.

The Xesole kimono sneaker is a trendsetting, comfortable shoe that enriches the lives of all people.

Discover The Xesole Difference

Xesole focuses on creating high-quality, custom-made women’s shoes. Each pair gets handled with care before shipping and inspected to ensure there are no visible flaws and packaged with attention to detail.

If you’ve struggled to find footwear that fits your life and your style, the Xesole shoe integrates Japanese culture with modern technology. They fuse the world the art with Tokyo’s traditional shoemaking style.

When you want to stand out, these statement shoes are available in various styles to meet your every need. Our product offering includes:

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