Our sneakers are a one-of-a-kind fashion statement. Embracing the Mottainai philosophy of “waste nothing,” upcycled kimono and obi are reborn as Japanese sneakers.


We focus on the natural connection between feet, shoes, and style to promote the relationship between the body and comfort without sacrificing fashionable footwear.


Each pair of handcrafted sneakers is a unique fashion statement, made from upcycled kimono that guarantee your footwear is like none other. Reusing kimono enables our Mottainai philosophy of “waste not”.

Unique, modern sneakers blend fashion and culture

The Xesole PROJECT infuses the culture of Japan with technology that gives new life to the world of traditional Tokyo handcrafted shoe making. Kimono and obi are traditional robes with exquisite embroidery of nature’s birds and flowers. Such is the kimono. Our cordwains and stitchers employ true Japanese CRAFTSMANSHIP in each pair of sneakers.

The “Xesole ~ KIMONO Sneaker” merges Japan’s culture and traditions in a unique and fashionable manner.

Kimono`s are made of pure silk making the material very durable as a shoe providing exceptional balance, protection, and support. The cultural style of the kimono and material use is expanding in multiple ways, such as face and hand towels, diapers, handkerchief, and other various designs. It is the “must-have” spirit that has been in Japan since ancient times, which has naturally captured and holds a sustainable coexistence with nature.

The materials used in the manufacture of each pair of Xesole sneakers are made of pure silk — providing balance, support and protection for your feet. The use of the kimono and obi as our base material expands upon the tradition of reusing these materials for towels, handkerchiefs and other designer household accessories.  It is our goal to always capture the essence of nature and merge it in a fashionable coexistence.

Japanese sneakers


Our craftspeople use their years of experience to create each pair of Japanese sneakers for you. A fashionable statement that blends beauty and elegance in each pair of shoes.

Japanese sneakers expand “Cool Japan” into fashion

Mass industrialization has resulted in the loss of the craftsmanship that endures time. At Xesole, we preserve tradition to create quality footwear.

We have revived the skills of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and blended it with the modern design of the next generation, resulting in a blend of traditional Japanese culture with fashion for the 21st century.

We consider the “Xesole ~ KIMONO Sneaker” as a gem that, through traditional Japanese culture and values, will enrich the lives of all people.

The concept known as “Cool (Japan)” was adopted by the Japanese government to promote it as a significant standard that requires global compliance with the development goals of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, and there is no other material more suitable than the Kimono.



Your pair of Japanese kimono sneakers will be unique. Artful footwear that makes a truly fashionable statement. Just for you.


Our sneakers are handcrafted. Each pair is uniquely made by expert cordwains and stitchers, resulting in a work of art. We blend the tradition of the Japanese kimono with the modern style of the sneaker to create a unique product worthy of recognition.

We use the finest leather and kimonos to handcraft our Japanese sneakers.
Japanese kimono

Finest Sneakers

Japanese kimonos are made of pure silk with beautiful images that make each design unique. This is the heart of each pair of Xesole sneakers.

Japanese sneakers

Handmade Sneakers

Each shoe is handmade by experienced Japanese craftsmen. An expression of art, we blend the beauty of the kimono with the elegance of fine footwear.

Japanese sneakers

Unique Style

Unlike any other sneaker, Xesole combines the tradition of the Japanese kimono to bring you an elegant style that makes a unique fashion statement.