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Xesoles uses only the best kimono material, sourced from Japan’s leading wholesalers and recyclers, to manufacture and produce unique and beautiful kimono sneakers. The highest-rated kimono material comes from the class of cloth known as Komon.

Komon is a dyed kimono with small, simple repeating patterns that create a polished design that’s ideal for shoemaking.

The Differences Between Yuki and Komon Explained

Yuki is an authentic traditional classic Japanese design for kimonos, but the sad news is that Yuki’s bold design translates poorly to footwear.

Komon is a more casual class than Yuki, which is ceremonial formal. Despite its more humble origins, Komon sacrifices nothing in quality and is genuine silk.

While Yuki is gorgeous in and of itself, the boldness doesn’t translate well on shoe designs. Although Komon is a more casual class than the ceremonial formal, it creates artful and sophisticated shoe designs.

Steer Clear of Fake Kimonos

To experienced kimono handlers and buyers, fake kimonos are easy to identify. Imitations often use polyester, which is noticeably inferior to silk in touch and feel.

Imitation kimonos are everywhere and are of no use to Kimono shoemakers like Xesole, who earned the reputation for creating high-quality, custom footwear for discerning shoe buyers around.

It’s easier than ever to find quality Kimono recyclers in Japan. Older people are getting rid of their kimonos while younger generations are discovering their beauty and efficacy. That makes for a healthy wholesale market for the material.

Komon Captures the Imagination and the Fun Side of Sneakers

Sneakers are the most fun of any shoe. They’re versatile and are helpful for long walks, quick sprints, or casual strolling. Whatever kind of activity you prefer, the chances are that durable sneakers are the ideal footwear for the task. What makes Xesole shoes even better than competing athletic shoes is their beauty and comfort.

Xesole Kimono Sneakers offer lots of foot support, making them comfortable and appropriate for ladies who love to walk – or appreciate a pair of fine shoes.

They’re hand-finished custom shoes anyone could accurately consider high fashion. They’re aesthetically pleasing, following in the traditional Japanese art form and using classic materials to present a polished product.

Look Great, Stand Out and Walk With Confidence

High-end sneaker buyers who appreciate beautiful footwear appeal will marvel at how excellent their feet feel. Xesole creates shoes based on intensive research going back many years. This exclusive study of feet and foot-related problems led to developing a shoe line unlike any other.

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The custom designs mean you won’t run into anyone wearing a replica of your shoes. You can walk with confidence that you’re wearing footwear that’s a fusion between Japanese traditional art, modern manufacturing, and intense data-driven shoemaking. Know that every effort went into producing sneakers that will make your feet truly happy.

Xesole shoes also make excellent gifts for people who appreciate Japanese culture and high-quality ladies’ footwear.

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