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It should come as no surprise that sneakers are nearly always more comfortable than pumps. Many Japanese women don’t enjoy how these popular shoes make their legs and feet feel. After a day in these shoes, it isn’t surprising a sustainable alternative was necessary.

Discover Comfortable Japanese Sneakers Designed With Research

Xesole’s approach to women’s shoe design solves two problems at once. With the right processes in place, the company could manufacture sneakers that strengthen and toned leg muscles. That idea blossomed into the “Shoes, Feet, and Walk Research Institute,” which Xesole owns and operates.

The research portion referred to the efforts from 2010 to 2012. During this time, Xesole diligently collected and measured the feet of three hundred people. After pouring over the data, a wooden pattern got developed to produce world-class pumps. The first run of shoes was successful and spurred the further development of the concept designs for practical shoe production.

Finally, Japanese Women’s Sneakers That Are Fashionable and Easy on the Feet

By 2016 foot data from fifteen hundred people got implemented into the newly designed wooden patterns that accounted for all information. The goal? To create sneakers that fit any foot.

At the time, not many Japanese women tied their shoelaces. However, once they gave it a try, they discovered something nearly-miraculous happened with their feet. For the first time in years, they had no pain hallux valgus.

They identified three benefits Xesole Kimono Sneaker concept.

  • Wearing the new sneakers eliminated the swelling that they would typically experience when wearing pumps.
  • Perhaps even more interesting, people noticed an immediate improvement in bow-leggedness.
  • The best bonus for many was that they could now wear fashionable shoes without any pain.

With a commitment to high-quality shoemaking, Xesole applies data and shoemaking experience to create comfortable, custom women’s shoes. Perfect for everyday use, they use beautiful kimono fabric that looks and feel fabulous on the feet.

Choosing fashionable shoes with adequate foot support positively impacts the mind, body, and spirit.

Fashion Sneakers Are On Trend

Custom, hand-finished sneakers made from kimono fabric are unique and high-end. They stand out in the crowd, especially when compared to mass-produced shoes available everywhere. Xesole outshines other sneakers because they look like custom art. When run-of-the-mill sneakers won’t do, look no further than Xesole custom Japanese sneakers for aesthetic appeal and comfort.

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No one wants to get caught wearing the same old mass-marketed and boring sneakers like everyone else. Xesole elevated shoemaking to a high art form following the Japanese printing tradition. Get ready for an immersive footwear experience and prepare to turn heads with these best-of-class Japanese Kimono sneakers.

All women deserve the right to wear shoes that look fantastic while pampering their feet. Walking in many places can be unpleasant, especially on uneven surfaces. With shoes that fit perfectly and multiple collections from which to choose, every aspect of life gets that much easier.

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