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Walking properly and training your feet requires guiding the foot into peak position and building muscle strength in the feet to handle walking and standing.

It’s crucial that your toes land firmly on the ground every step while remaining in a fixed position. Many shoes today don’t support this type of connection between the feet and the earth.

Xesole Kimono sneakers provide a spacious footbed which provides for a highly supportive fit. They put the word fun in functionality. Both lace and velcro enclosure style shoes are sturdy and ready for everyday wear.

Consider the Choice between Velcro and Lace

Xesole offers both a Lace Collection and a Velcro Collection. Each type of custom Kimono Sneaker provides different advantages.

Laced shoes are superior when foot support is a primary concern. Shoelaces can get adjusted or pulled as tightly as needed to keep the foot in place.

The Velcro collection features three strips to secure the shoe. They are also capable of providing a tight, secure fit on the feet.

Velcro is straightforward to use, quickly pulling back and reattaching with a pull. It’s a great time-saver, and you never have to worry about knots!

Velcro has plenty of benefits, although this enclosure method can’t match laces for support. The main question to ask when weighing which shoe is right for you is whether you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of foot support for Velcro’s added convenience.

Velcro or Laces – the Endless Debate

When you discover beautiful shoe options like Xesole, you might find yourself torn between the Velcro and Lace options. Both collections offer women who want traditional but fashionable shoes for everyday use.

Made of beautiful kimonos, Xesole intertwines shoemaking tradition with modern technology to develop distinctive footwear that matches the form and function discovered in fifteen thousand women’s data.

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The fantastic thing is that using either Velcro or lace to secure a custom sneaker will comfort you, unlike mass-produced shoes. Factory-manufactured shoes are adequate for many purposes, but they lack the overall quality necessary to become anyone’s favorite footwear. Xesole shoes are engineered for maximum foot comfort and maintain a Japanese art aesthetical that is famous worldwide.

Consider World-Beating Shoes for Your Next Footwear Purchase

Hand-finished shoes exude a polished appeal that art and sneaker lovers admire. Why settle for average, functional sneakers when you can acquire a veritable masterpiece of styling and durable construction? Xesole shoes are suitable for everyday walking but are visually appealing enough to wear on special occasions.

  • Hand-finished custom shoes aren’t identical to the mass-produced shoes you find everywhere.
  • Xesole designs shoes for maximum comfort and foot support, as well as looking fabulous.
  • The sneakers are beautiful. They’re genuine artistic expressions in the Japanese style.

When you decide to treat your beautiful feet to footwear without peers, consider Xesole. Your feet will be happy you did!

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