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Are you suffering from back pain? Surprisingly, the “shoes” you are wearing may cause the pain.

One of the causes of back pain is your shoes.

The reason why shoes is because shoes are a part of feet when you walk. The foot is the only part that touches the ground and supports the whole body. We humans are the only bipedal animals as all other animals have four legs. There are two functions that only humans have, to stand on two legs and to walk with two legs and the arches on the bottom of our feet and calves of the legs make it possible. Both functions evolved to “improve blood patrol”. Because of the arch and calf, the blood can be stretched to the toes and returned to the upper body.

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If you look at the legs of a dog or horse, you see that they are standing on their toes and have no calves. If you look at the soles of their feet, you do not see any arches there.

Since there are three on the soles of our feet, the impact is absorbed and dispersed even if weight is applied to the soles of the feet. Famously, the longitudinal arch of the inner foot does not feel good, and the foot without is called a flat foot. The outer foot vertical arch and the horizontal arch float from the ground and touch at three points, with that the foot stabilizes that makes the body stabilizes. However, the number of people who are losing this basic foot function is increasing. Without arches, the feet are prone to fatigue and become extremely unstable. If this lack of arches causes a wobble of the body’s lateral shaking, it will cause trouble on both sides of the body. The typical one is low back pain. If the sole arch is in place, both skeletally and muscle-likely, back pain is less likely to occur. If you lack this basic foot function, your shoes will have to support you. Shoes have the power to adjust wobbly feet to stable feet. More to the point, you can even grow the muscles of the sole arch by wearing good shows.

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