Our shoe soles are fully made-in-Japan to meet Japan’s high safety and stability standards. Your shoes are the result of years of research and development.


The arch we create for Xesole sneaker insoles promotes the function of the foot to aid in a naturally supportive cradle that is comfortable to wear.

Non-Slip Soles

Resistant to wear and tear, light weight, and non-slip due to elaborate groove pattern developed over many years of research in collaboration with our manufacturing partners.

Handcrafted sneakers provide comfort and style

Our Japanese craftspeople use only the finest materials to make each pair of sneakers for you. Starting with the foundation of our sneaker is the sole of the shoe. Our rubber sole is lightweight yet durable and features elongated grooves that have been tested to provide excellent grip on a variety of surfaces and conditions.

Years of research and development come together to bring you a fashionable sneaker that is comfortable to wear.

It takes years of experience to handcraft each pair of sneakers. Our cordwains and stitchers have a combined 180 years of experience in handcrafting shoes. Each craftsperson has between 30 and 60 years of experience, and work carefully and exactly to craft each pair of sneakers.


The arch of our insole provides support that aids the natural function of the foot, reducing tiredness and making a comfortable foundation for the sneaker.

Handcrafted sneakers that are comfortable to wear

The era of mass industrial production and mass consumption has had an immense effect on the quality and the way we value products.

Xesole revives traditional Japanese crafts with contemporary design and craftsmanship of the next generation, linking Japanese culture with the reshaping of fashion in the 21st century.

We consider the “Xesole ~ KIMONO Sneaker” as a gem that, through traditional Japanese culture and values, will enrich the lives of all people.

The basis for our belief is that fashionable footwear should also be comfortable to wear. After years of research and development, we are proud to offer a collection of sneakers that cradle and support your feet in the most natural manner. Xesole sneakers are like no other pair of shoes you will own.


We do not mass-produce our shoes. Each pair is handcrafted by expert cordwains and stitchers to create a master work. We blend the tradition of the Japanese kimono with the modern style of the sneaker to create a unique product worthy of recognition.

We use the finest leather and kimonos to handcraft our sneaker collection.